Reliable Controls® Headquarters Annex

Victoria, British Columbia

November 13, 2013

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As a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of Internet-connected green building controls, it was only natural that Reliable Controls® design their facilities to meet high environmental standards. This is expertly demonstrated in their Headquarters Annex, located in Victoria, B.C. which is certified LEED Platinum.

The following case study was originally published in SAB Magazine’s LEED Year in Review, and the CaGBC was granted permission to re-publish here, with slight variations. To view more great articles and profiles about Canada’s green buildings, visit SAB’s website now.

A green company going greener

Reliable Controls Headquarters Annex is a LEED Platinum certified facility, home to Reliable Controls’ corporate departments, research and development, and technical support. With two storeys of offices above ground and two levels of underground parking, the facility is annex to the existing manufacturing facility, and earned the highest level of LEED certification by earning 56 out of 70 possible points.

A building designed for significant energy reduction

The naturally vented building design relies on 57 trickle vents close-connected to the radiant flooring hydronic heating and cooling system to keep the occupants thermally comfortable and the overall energy consumption low.

The facility achieved a 54 per cent reduction in design energy costs compared to conventional standards. Using their own building automation software, called BACnet® Integration for the HVAC, lighting and security systems allows for occupied comfort settings to be enabled, which maximizes energy savings. Individual control of temperature, light, exterior sunshades, and occupancy is provided via wireless mobile device access using a specialized app.

Measurement, verification and controllability key

As a natural element of a facility that houses a manufacturer of green building controls, Reliable Controls used its own advanced technology for the mechanical and electrical systems as a critical aspect of their building, and believes this element is key to the success of any sustainable building.

Focused on social responsibility

As an aspect of the company’s goals, it was important that they have a positive impact on the health and happiness of the occupants, and create a sense of community well-being. To do this, the indoor environment was maximized for occupant comfort and productivity with strong daylighting and thermal comfort settings. The company also started a sustainable transportation program, which includes a carpooling program, a secured courtyard with bicycle racks, and shower facilities.

Additional project strategies and results

  • The building includes rain gardens and an extensive bioswale system at the centre of the structure’s stormwater management and soil erosion strategy which yields a 54 per cent reduction in stormwater runoff from the LEED boundary.
  • Before entering the bioswales, rain is first captured in two cisterns and stored for flushing toilets and irrigation. No potable water is used for irrigation, and the building consumes 60 per cent less potable water than a baseline building. The exemplary achievement earned the facility an innovation credit.
  • Ninety-nine per cent of all construction waste was diverted from landfill or incinerators. Over 56 per cent of the wood used in constructing the facility was Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.
  • Lighting for the building consists of modulating interior fluorescent fixtures with wireless control and daylight harvesting, as well as LED lighting in corridors, lobbies, and exterior lighting.

As is clear, Reliable Controls was uniquely positioned to construct and design a building that provides long-terms solutions to important sustainability requirements. The HQ Annex is a great demonstration of the company’s commitment to green building and employee health and well-being.


Certification LevelPlatinum
Rating SystemLEED Canada for New Construction and Major Renovations 1.0
Total Points earned56
Sustainable Sites12 out of 14
Water Efficiency5 out of 5
Energy & Atmosphere12 out of 17
Materials & Resources8 out of 14
Indoor Environmental Quality14 out of 15
Innovation in Operations5 out of 5

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