Expert support for the green building sector

CAGBC’s green building experts play an active role in shaping Canadian building standards, policy and codes. We support policy-makers and project teams with the insights and knowledge needed to accelerate zero-carbon green building and assess project outcomes.

To help Canada’s building sector become more sustainable, CAGBC offers access to trusted third-party validation and quality assessments, custom-designed corporate education services, and advisory support for greenhouse gas reductions. 

Verification services

Members, industry stakeholders and governments seek CAGBC’s in-house expertise to support independent performance and program verification.

ICP Quality Assurance Assessor

CAGBC is an Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Quality Assurance Assessor (QAA), approved to perform the review of projects seeking Investor Ready Energy Efficiency (IREE) certification. As an ICP QAA, our experts compare project information against ICP Protocols to ensure compliance with IREE requirements. The quality assurance review is a necessary step toward achieving IREE certification. Interested in CAGBC QAA or verification services?

The Canada Infrastructure Bank is using IREE.

Education services

Looking for custom-developed programs for companies involved in the design, construction, or management of buildings? CAGBC is the #1 source for industry-specific education, with over 15 years’ experience training green building professionals and supporting standard development and certification. We offer access to industry experts who can build customized programs including upskilling for zero carbon buildings and low-carbon retrofits. 


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