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Make a difference with a career in green building

CAGBC is a team of passionate and committed professionals helping make Canada better through greener, healthier and more sustainable buildings. CAGBC is a progressive employer offering competitive salaries and benefits. We value work-life balance and foster an positive work atmosphere. CAGBC is an Equal by 30 signatory and is taking concrete action to close the gender gap in our industry. 

If you are looking for an exciting and satisfying career where you can contribute to the growth of sustainability in Canada – we want to hear from you!

Jobs at CAGBC

We are seeking applications from green building professionals for the following positions. New career opportunities come up all the time, so please check back often.

Green Building Team Positions

The Green Building team plays a significant role in shaping Canada’s building sector; there’s no better place to learn from the industry’s leading projects and contribute to the evolution of green building.

CAGBC Corporate Offices

Join CAGBC’s team and help shape our work and impact across the country.

For questions at any time or to submit your résumé for future consideration, email CAGBC Recruitment. CAGBC welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part the selection process.

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator – Western Canada

We are looking for someone in either Vancouver or Calgary with knowledge of the building sector. As part of the CAGBC Client Experience Team, the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator executes national and regional engagement initiatives; plays a key role in delivering member and sponsor value; and acts as an ambassador for membership in CAGBC.

Member and Market Engagement Specialist – Quebec & Atlantic

We are looking for someone with a strong network in the major Quebec building markets. As part of the CAGBC Client Experience Team, the Member and Market Engagement Specialist executes national and regional engagement initiatives; plays a key role in delivering member and sponsor value; and acts as an advocate for CAGBC membership.

Climate and Sustainability Advisor

As part of the CAGBC Advocacy & Market Engagement team, the Climate and Sustainability Advisor is responsible for positioning CAGBC as an effective green building project design and implementation lead. The Climate and Sustainability Advisor will construct and deliver key outputs, maintain excellent relationships with funders and stakeholders, and advance relevant policy and programmatic opportunities.

Equal by 30

The Equal by 30 Campaign is part of the Clean Energy, Education and Empowerment Initiative (C3E), which works to advance the participation of women in the clean energy transition and close the gender gap. Co-led by Canada and Sweden, Equal by 30 asks companies and governments to endorse principles of equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities, and to take concrete action to close the gender gap in the clean energy sector.

While CAGBC is focused on the green building sector, as a signatory, CAGBC demonstrates commitment to the Equal by 30 principles: To lead by example in integrating equality principles into recruitment and development; to promote gender diversity activities in our training and development; to provide leadership and share our experiences on gender diversity programming and initiatives; and, to report on progress towards these Equal by 30 goals.

To ensure we meet the reporting requirement, CAGBC has committed to the following organizational goals:

Avoid discrimination in recruitment practices, including taking non-traditional career trajectories and non-standard work experience into account in recruitment decisions.

Aim for 50% representation of women in all junior, midlevel and senior positions in which currently underrepresented by the year 2030.

Aim for a 50% target for women’s representation as board members and executive officers.

Modernize  policies to support flexible work hours, telecommuting, working part-time, and extended maternity and paternity leave.

Promote Equal by 30 and its principles, including to facilitate the exchange of best practices and knowledge-sharing where possible.

Our progress toward these goals is already significant. We observe equality principles in our recruitment, selection, and compensation policies and practices and are progressing against our gender parity targets. 

External positions – industry

CAGBC member companies and organizations may submit their job postings to this forum. Email your listings including the closing date and links to job descriptions. Job postings MUST be submitted via hyperlink to your own website – the CAGBC doesn’t house PDF or Word files on

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