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The Zero Carbon Building – Performance Standard is a framework for evaluating the climate impact of buildings. Achieving ZCB-Performance certification means taking responsibility for all the carbon emissions associated with building operations.

ZCB-Performance evaluates carbon emissions from building operations like heating and cooling and accounts for potential refrigerant leaks and the embodied carbon of new structural and envelope materials. It also recognizes the value of renewable energy and high-quality carbon offsets, while encouraging strategies that account for the increasing demand on electrical grids.

The ZCB-Performance Standard can be used by any building. Projects with combustion equipment must create a costed zero carbon transition plan to show how equipment will be adapted over time, providing a path towards decarbonization that leverages regular equipment replacement lifecycles.

Understanding ZCB-Performance requirements

CarbonZero carbon balanceAchieve zero carbon balance
Embodied carbonOffset embodied carbon
RefrigerantsOffset any leaks
RECs and carbon offsetsProvide proof of purchase
Onsite combustionUpdate transition plan every 5 years
EnergyEnergy efficiencyReport EUI
Peak demandReport seasonal peaks
AirtightnessConduct testing if ZCB-Design certified


Access the Standard and the tools projects need to achieve certification.

ZCB-Performance Standard v2

ZCB-Performance Standard v2 (updated July 2021)

Energy Modelling Guidelines

Life-cycle Cost Calculator

ZCB-Performance v2 Workbook (updated December 2020)

Embodied Carbon Reporting Template

ZCB-Performance Standard v1

ZCB-Performance Standard v1

Energy Modelling Guidelines

ZCB-Performance v1 Workbook

Registration and pricing 

Registering a Zero Carbon Building Standard (ZCB Standard) project is the first step toward earning certification. ZCB-Performance projects pay a single fee by registering online when ready to submit their documentation for review.

Project fees are based on a project’s certification pathway and size. Fees are not refundable and may change at any time.

CAGBC Member Discounts: ZCB-Performance registration discounts are determined automatically based on the current CAGBC membership status of the person registering the project online. To be eligible for discounts, the building owner or property management organization must be a current CAGBC Specialist member.

ZCB-Performance FeesSpecialist membersAdvocate members and non-members
2,500 m2 or less$1,500$2,000
2,501-25,000 m2 (per additional m2)$0.11$0.14
25,001-150,000m2 (per additional m2)$0.03$0.04
>150,000 m2 (per additional m2)$0.02$0.03


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