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If you are part of the building sector and believe in a more sustainable future, CAGBC is the community for you. CAGBC membership provides opportunities for organizations and individuals to get involved in shaping a more sustainable and resilient future. 

CAGBC supports the green building sector with industry-leading certifications, research, and education, and influences policy and codes through government advocacy at all levels. Members can actively participate in CAGBC activities by joining committees, working groups, and task forces, attending or sponsoring industry events, and sharing or expanding their expertise, skills, and knowledge.

Membership options are available for companies, organizations, and individuals. 

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Corporate membership options

Corporate Members and their employees receive discounts on education and events, are able to use the CAGBC Member logo, and are eligible for CAGBC committees, the CAGBC Awards, and other member-only perks. All employees of corporate members are eligible for free individual membership. 

Corporate membership fees are calculated based on revenue.

Options for corporate membership include:

Green Building Advocate:

For companies that want to be involved in green building and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

The Advocate category is best suited to companies and organizations that actively support the green building sector but do not regularly use certification services and products. Advocates can include manufacturers, retailers, tenants, government departments, utilities, academic or research institutions, industry associations, and other NGOs. Benefits include:

  • Member-only pricing
  • Sponsor and speak at events
  • Apply for CAGBC Awards
  • Participate on select CAGBC committees and groups
  • Access industry updates and research
  • Vote at the annual general meeting
  • Use of the CAGBC Member logo
Green Building Specialist:

For companies that are actively involved in green building, and require access to CAGBC green building resources and professional services.

The Specialist category is best suited to companies and organizations directly using certification products and services. Specialists include building owners, tenants, landlords, engineers, architects, designers, developers, contractors, builders, real estate brokers or managers, and the government. Includes all Green Building Advocate benefits and:

  • The world’s largest portfolio of green building certification programs and standards
  • Technical news, updates, bulletins and resources
  • Canadian customer service
  • LEED Coach Canada and LEED online
  • Eligibility to sit on technical committees

Green Building Catalyst:

For leaders actively helping to shape the future of green building in Canada.

This premium membership category offers executive-level engagement, a greater profile, and the opportunity to influence Canada’s low-carbon future. If you think this option is the right fit for your organization, contact the Client Experience team. Includes all Advocate and Specialist category benefits plus:

  • Exclusive access to briefings, insights and VIP networking
  • Advance access to market research, programs and nationwide thought leadership opportunities
  • Reinforcement of your messaging through CaGBC’s social media platforms
  • One bylined article and one complimentary ad in the CAGBC Newsletter reaching 10,000 industry professionals
  • Catalyst Member status badge for use in email, social media, print or other promotional materials

Options for Individual Membership

Individual membership

For individuals who are not employees of a corporate member company or organization and wish to demonstrate their support for green building.

Individual members can develop professional connections, access member-only pricing for CAGBC courses and events, learn about industry news, and are eligible to participate on select committees and groups.  CAGBC also offers a discounted membership category to students enrolled in full-time studies.

Check out CAGBC’s member spotlight.

Member pricing

Membership Rates (Effective January 1, 2022)

Corporate Member RevenueAdvocateSpecialistCatalystIndividual Membership
< $500k$270 $535 $125 
$500k – $1m$430 $800 Email us to discuss.Students 
$1m – $5m$800 $1 380 $40
$5m – $25m$1,600 $2,660
$25m – $50m$2,120 $3,500
$50m – $250m$3,705 $4,770
$250m – $500m$4,795 $5,860
> $500m$5,860 $6,900
Government, Universities,
Schools and Hospitals
$800 $1,330

Get to know our members

CAGBC members span the green building sector. They are owners, managers, and tenants. Professional firms and construction companies. They are product manufacturers and retailers, financial services organizations, governments, academics, and industry associations. 


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