Updates to LEED v4 Low Emitting Materials

Green Building Team on September 28, 2023

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Canadian project teams may be wondering how the recent closure of LEED Interpretation 10495 impacts their LEED v4 projects. This Interpretation was created for LEED v4 project teams substituting in the LEED v4.1 version of the EQ credit Low Emitting Materials under BD+C, ID+C, Homes and Midrise systems. It allowed project teams to substitute LEED v4.1 but use earlier versions of the reference standards as indicated in LEED v4. For example, project teams could use California Department of Public Health (CDPH) v1.1-2010 in place of CDPH Standard Method v1.2-2017 for VOC emission evaluations, even when substituting in the newer LEED v4.1 path. 

This Interpretation allowed project teams to test out the beta version of the credit, even when the market had not yet caught up to all the newer versions of the reference standards. 

However, it’s been almost four years since the release of this LEED Interpretation and the good news is that CAGBC Reviewers have seen the market mature. Most projects are submitted with products utilizing the updated versions of these reference standards and so this LEED Interpretation is rarely used. 

LEED Interpretation 10495 is still available for all applicable LEED v4 projects registered prior to its closure on July 25, 2023; however, any LEED v4 project registered on July 25 or later, and aiming to substitute in the LEED v4.1 version of this credit, will no longer be able to utilize the LEED Interpretation. Additionally, as announced earlier this year, all LEED v4 projects registered after April 21st must use all LEED v4.1 addenda in place at time of registration when substituting a credit. This is a return to previous norms of addenda applicability.  

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