New Guidelines for LEED v4.1 Credit Substitutions

CAGBC's Green Building team on March 24, 2023

Rating System/Standard
LEED v4.1
Certification updates

The upcoming quarterly LEED addenda release is targeted for April 21. This release will adjust the process for LEED v4.1 credit substitutions on LEED v4 BD+C and ID+C projects. Projects that register after the update will be limited to only the most recent addenda versions of the LEED v4.1 credits, including any addenda released at that time. This aligns LEED credit substitutions with current addenda processes for all other LEED projects. See USGBC website for more info.

LEED v4 BD+C and ID+C projects that have registered prior to April 21, 2023, can utilize any version of the LEED v4.1 substitutions as previously allowed; however, project teams are encouraged to apply the latest version.

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