Register before June 26 for summer on-demands

Temporary blackout on new on-demand purchases begins June 26 in preparation for CAGBC's new learning platform.

CAGBC Staff on June 19, 2023

CAGBC is launching a new, modern learning platform. To support this transition, there will be a temporary blackout on new purchases of on-demand courses.

Here are the details:

Beginning June 26, our on-demand learning platform will be unavailable for new purchases. During this blackout, you will still be able to access any active on-demands so you can complete your existing courses on your own time. Any new purchases made up until this date will still provide 90-day access to complete on the existing platform.

We expect the blackout for new purchases to last a few weeks, with on-demand courses moving to the soon-to-be-launched CAGBC Learning Hub.


  • Last day to purchase new on-demand courses is June 26 – view the course list >
  • Download your certificate of completion while you still have access to your course. Your certificate will be unavailable after that, and we cannot retrieve it for you.
  • The blackout only impacts new on-demand purchases
  • CAGBC workshops and live events will continue to be available for registration.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the launch of our new Learning Hub.

Got questions? Please check our Frequently Asked Questions here, and if you still have questions contact us.

Why is CAGBC transitioning to a new learning hub?

A continuous learning mindset is vital to transitioning buildings to zero carbon. New approaches, technologies, and materials require professionals to continuously advance their skills and access new resources.

That’s why this summer we will launch the new CAGBC Learning Hub. This modern platform will offer an engaging and accessible learning environment. The CAGBC Learning Hub features a more intuitive interface, more interactive experiences, and greater integration with your MyCAGBC account.  

While Canada has made significant strides in promoting sustainable design and construction, professionals in the green building sector still face challenges when accessing the learning and training opportunities they need to innovate and advance in zero carbon building.

In 2020, CAGBC published the results of a study assessing the zero-carbon building skills gaps and training needs of building professionals. In Accelerating to Zero: Upskilling for Engineers, Architects, and Renewable Energy Specialists we uncovered barriers including organizational cultures that don’t encourage self- or continuous-learning. These organizational cultures exhibit a lack of understanding of the value of learning, and offer limited supports to access learning, or to accommodate learning opportunities.   

Similar CAGBC studies looked at the skilled trades, focusing on Alberta and Ontario. Among the findings were limited incentives or requirements for continuing education and a lack of value assigned, resulting in few accommodations for potential learners.  

Continuing learning delivers business value 

Despite these barriers, investments in continuous learning and training can deliver increased value – not only for the employee who pursues it, but also for the employer who supports continuous learning. With the necessary knowledge and skills needed to design, construct, and maintain zero carbon buildings, projects can increase efficiency and resiliency, lower costs, and create projects that stand out – delivering increase asset value for building owners.  

CAGBC has always prioritized learning as a means of advancing sustainability in Canada. We are committed to meeting the needs of the green building sector, particularly in addressing zero carbon building skill gaps.

We appreciate your patience during the blackout period starting June 26 and as we make the transition to this new platform.

Got questions about CAGBC’s learning initiatives? Visit our FAQ page or contact us at

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