Accelerating to Zero

Upskilling for Engineers, Architects, and Renewable Energy Specialists

Zero-carbon building skills are essential for engineers, architects, and renewable energy specialists as their decisions early in the building process have a direct role in achieving a zero carbon performance. To better understand what these key professions require in zero carbon education and training, this study was designed to:

Establish Canada’s first professional industry baseline of zero carbon building skills and knowledge among engineers, architects, and renewable energy specialists;

  • Identify knowledge and skills gaps, as well as a preferred learning approach for engineers, architects, and renewable energy specialists for
  • the design, construction and operation of zero carbon buildings; and,
  • Recommend ways that education and training providers, accreditation and professional bodies, and policy decision-makers can support zero carbon building education and training for engineers, architects, and renewable energy specialists.

This study focused on continuing education and continuing professional development. It references CAGBC’s Zero Carbon Building standards to define the core competencies and sub-competencies needed to effectively evaluate the skills and knowledge required to deliver zero carbon building. The requirements established under these standard are consistent with those in zero carbon standards guiding construction in other countries.