New FAQ and Certification Guidance for ZCB

Green Building Team on May 8, 2023

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Finding information quickly is important to clients. CAGBC’s technical staff are growing the self-serve information available to Zero Carbon Building Standard project teams. We’ve gathered responses to common questions and have updated the resources available to project teams, including: 

  • New ZCB Certification Guide – Teams looking for detail on the certification process from start to finish will benefit from this informative guide.
  • New FAQ – Get quick answers to your most common questions on the Zero Carbon Building program. LEED responses have been posted as well. 
  • Zero Carbon Building standards webpages – Always the first stop for any practitioner with links to the standards, workbooks, and other resources.

There’s more at your fingertips:

New in 2023, project teams can add details and images to the Project Database profile using the “Edit Profile” button, located near the bottom of the individual project summary in My Projects. With over 8,000 green building projects listed, the database is widely used by media and others. Project teams are strongly encouraged to highlight their success with renderings or photos, a description, a list of organizations involved in the project, and additional details. Project teams may enter information as soon as the project is registered. 

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New FAQ and Certification Guidance for ZCB

Finding information quickly is important to clients. CAGBC’s technical staff are growing the…
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