Disinfectant requirements clarified

Green Building Team on September 28, 2020

Project teams will be happy to know that there is clear, simple guidance for Canadians attempting the EQc Green Cleaning: Products and Materials credit as well as the new Pilot Credit Safety First: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Space.

Disinfection protocols are of interest to building operators at this time, and the new pilot credit is particularly timely as it guides the selection of environmentally preferable disinfectants that are effective against SARS-CoV2. However, both the credit and pilot credit require some interpretation if they are to be applied to Canadian projects.

  • UL 2794 is the standard to look for when identifying disinfectants that are acceptable for the EQc Green Cleaning: Products and Materials credit. This is the standard most manufacturers use for environmentally preferred products that are sold in Canada, and it meets the requirements of LEED.
  • For the pilot credit, use any product that is approved by Health Canada as effective against COVID-19 and uses active ingredients from the EPA’s Design for the Environment program. While the pilot credit refers to the CDC guidelines, Canadian project teams should refer to the list from Health Canada to ensure that the products are available and compliant in Canada