Examining political platforms through a green building lens


Early into the election cycle, CaGBC released five recommendations in a letter to each party leader. Below, we’ve listed each of the recommendations, and validated whether their election platforms address them.

Develop a Canadian « Buy Clean » approach that:Supports innovative, low-carbon construction technologies and practices;Requires low-carbon and “made in Canada” construction material thresholds; and,Ensures eligible firms demonstrate low-carbon development, design, and experience.YES, but no reference to eligible firmsYES, but no reference to low carbon or eligible firmsYES, but no reference to eligible firmsYES, but no reference to eligible firms
Achieve net-zero emissions for buildings by:Requiring zero carbon buildings as the standard for all new construction by 2030;Investing $10 to $15 billion a year in partnership with the provinces to start a national retrofit strategy that sets specific objectives and milestones for the refurbishment of existing buildings to be zero carbon; and,Working with provinces to establish a pathway for a near-zero carbon intensity energy distribution grid across Canada by 2050.YES, but no cost for the retrofit strategyPARTIAL (no date for the standard and no cost or objective for a retrofit strategy)PARTIAL (net-zero energy, not net-zero emissions for the standard, no cost for the retrofit strategy)YES, but no cost for the retrofit strategy
Prioritize investment in workforce capacity that:Addresses the one million jobs needed in the green building sector to meet our climate change goals, focusing on upskilling and reskilling incumbent workers and recruiting younger people and those from underrepresented groups.YESYESPARTIAL (no promises targeting the construction industry)YES
Address health and safety with federal infrastructure investments and programs by:Supporting green building through certifications and standards to achieve better ventilation, access to daylight, and improved indoor air quality which are preventative measures for any future health crisis.YESYESPARTIALNA
Include early action on social sustainability and reconciliation by:Leveraging green building to address social sustainability needs, especially around Canada’s reconciliation efforts and the importance of appropriate housing.YESYESYESYES

Check out our more detailed table with links to the page numbers in each party’s plan.

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