CAGBC pre-budget submissions for the 2024 budget

Part of CAGBC’s advocacy work involves working with and informing government on the needs and potential of the green building sector. This includes recommendations to the federal Commitee on Finance in advance of budget planning. Budget 2024 will set the pace for decarbonizing of the built environment through zero-carbon buildings and retrofits. To accelerate that pace, CAGBC provided the following recommendations to prioritize the policies and public and private sector market support needed:

1 – To supercharge Canada’s retrofit economy, the government should

Require zero-carbon transition plans for all building types and support their development as part of any deep carbon retrofit program. Transition planning will ensure the effective timing and sequencing of carbon reduction measures. 

2 – To stimulate Canada’s supply chain of low-carbon construction materials, the government should

Create a grant program to build additional capacity for life cycle assessments and environmental product declarations (EPD) for products manufactured by small- and medium-sized Canadian companies.

3 – To crowd in private investment for zero-carbon green buildings, the government should

Support the upfront cost of zero carbon buildings projects through a new incentive program.