2023 Reviewer Insight Video Series

Throughout 2023, CAGBC LEED Reviewers are offering short videos with technical insights into the LEED v4/4.1 review process and how to avoid common problems. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch the CAGBC Reviewer Insight Video series.

Videos include:

January 2023: The top four mistakes seen with the Indoor Water Use Reduction Calculator and how to avoid them on your next project submission. Watch video

February 2023: Reviewer Insights into SSc Rainwater Management: six easy steps that you can implement with your own projects. Watch video

April 2023: Resolving common submission errors in Heat Island Reduction. Watch video

May 2023: Learn how a Reviewer verifies the Material Ingredients credit and how you can apply this guidance to your own projects. Watch video

November 2023: Insights into the Composite Wood category of the LEED v4.1 substitution for Low-Emitting Materials. Reviewers share some updates and tips to make it easy! Watch video

Upcoming videos: Incomplete spaces, confirming compliance with BPDO, common errors in the IAQ calculator, and more. 

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