Zero-carbon learning from AtoZ

Transitioning to a zero-carbon future requires that all buildings reach zero emissions by 2050. Developers, asset managers, designers, and governments must focus now on decarbonization in their long-term design planning, deep carbon retrofits, and portfolio-wide transitions. Accelerating to Zero 2023 charts the essential elements of this journey to decarbonization through a variety of delivery models. Join a workshop, webinar, peer exchange, or an on-demand courses to hone your zero-carbon building skills and insights.

Whether you are just starting your zero-carbon learning journey, or looking for new innovative strategies to apply to your projects, Accelerating to Zero (AtoZ) has something for everyone to enhance learning and expertise in zero-carbon design, construction, and operations.

AtoZ Online

Understand the issues that are critical to get to zero carbon. Leveraging CAGBC’s national network of members, leaders from across the country will share their experiences designing, building, and operating zero carbon buildings. This webinar series highlights cutting-edge strategies and shines a spotlight on emerging solutions with the potential to quickly drive down emissions.

Go-to Data for Enclosure Assemblies – June 21, 2023

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) and RDH have launched a new go-to database of Canada’s most popular enclosure assemblies as part of a funded project with The Atmospheric Fund (TAF). This published data of enclosure assembly material quantities can be used to calculate embodied carbon before drawings exist, encouraging early-stage design decisions for greater reductions.

Join us for an online presentation of the database and a panel discussion about key benefits.

Grid-Smart Electrification – September 2023

As building electrification efforts expand to reduce GHG emissions, distributed energy resources are also transforming the grid’s value proposition. New technologies—such as electric vehicles, distributed renewable generation, and energy storage—require the Transmission and Distribution system to accommodate them in a fast, safe, and low-cost manner.

Requirements of a zero-carbon transition plan – November 2023

The requirements of a good transition plan are evolving, and this session will discuss industry efforts that CAGBC is leading to define requirements and provide guidance to the market. Participants will be engaged in providing feedback to inform this collaborative effort. The session will also outline the requirements for Zero Carbon Building certification and provide a case study of a well-developed and well-presented transition plan.

AtoZ Best Practices Exchange – Coming soon!

Tune-in to conversations with Canada’s leading zero-carbon experts. CAGBC hosts these ask-the-expert sessions that invite meaningful dialogue and discovery about innovative solutions and technologies to advance our path to zero carbon. Each 45-60 minute online session will tackle both technical and market challenges inherent in designing, constructing, and managing resilient, zero-carbon buildings. Each live online session will be recorded and posted to the CAGBC Learning Library as a resource available to our full national audience.

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