Upgrades to Arc: Performance Score v3.3

Green Building Team on November 20, 2023

Rating System/Standard
LEED v4.1
Certification updates

To increase the accuracy of the energy scores produced by Arc, the platform has updated its emissions factors for electricity. Performance score v3.3, released this week, includes this update ensuring that the estimated amounts of greenhouse gas emissions produced by grid electricity are reflective of the performance year, and province where a project is located. The emissions factors for Canada have been sourced from the U.S. EPA, and are available on the USGBC website. Although these default emissions factors in Arc have been updated, projects have the option of entering custom emissions factors sourced from a publicly available resource in Canada, such as the National Inventory Report.

We encourage projects to upgrade their scores now when prompted by the platform. Projects that have not selected to update their score will automatically be updated March 31, 2024.

Additional upgrades in Performance score v3.3 allow projects to input Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) purchased to offset scope 2 emissions directly into Arc by adding an electricity meter and noting the meter source as Renewable Energy Credit.

Lastly, projects can indicate if they are pursuing either of the Pilot Alternative Compliance Pathways (ACPs) released earlier this year under the Building Settings tab, and LEED Certification Settings. For more information on the Pilot ACPs, see the LEED Credit Library:

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