Update as LEED Canada sunsets 

Green Building Team on November 15, 2022

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LEED Canada programs have sunset for submissions. Project teams in need of extra time who have not contacted CAGBC to request an extension, must do so right away. 

LEED Canada NC 2009 has been a very popular certification system over the years, with over 875 certified projects and another 200 project reviews underway. 

CAGBC will be in touch with project teams who submitted for certification in September and October 2022, providing an update on the timing of first review reports. 

It’s important to note, teams can take the time necessary to comprehensively gather documentation and complete the review process. As a result of the high volume of certification reviews underway:

  • CAGBC will extend certification support beyond October 31, 2023; and,
  • There are no penalties for submitting a final review response beyond 90 days, allowing teams to compile LEED Canada final submissions and submit at their own pace. 

We are proud of the impacts the LEED Canada programs have had in the green building market and look forward to completing these certifications. 

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