Two reviews for LEED v4 design credits

Green Building Team on February 1, 2021

Rating System/Standard

LEED v4 BD+C and ID+C project teams take advantage of the split review process allowing teams to submit for separate design and construction reviews, both 2-stage reviews. Project teams should be aware that credits applied for at design review are (only) eligible for two rounds of review. Typically, this is the preliminary and final design reviews. If a credit is not awarded in the final design review submitting additional information in the preliminary construction review is considered an appeal and projects will be charged an appeal fee for the additional review.

Rather, if a team is not prepared to respond to preliminary design review comments until a later date, teams can choose not to submit a credit for final design and instead submit the credit for a second round of review during the preliminary construction review. In which case the credit would have been reviewed twice with no need to appeal.

It should be noted this is different than the LEED Canada NC 2009 process, where applicants are invited to submit additional clarification to any credit from the design review during the first construction review with no need to appeal. Additional information on LEED v4 processes can be found in the Guides to LEED Certification available online.