Quick and Easy – Walkable Location!

Green Building Team on March 28, 2021

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Green Building

The LEED v4.1 November 2020 Addenda includes a new pathway for documenting Location and Transportation credit Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses. Option 3: Walkable Location can be used in place of both options 1 and 2, leveraging automated third-party tools that exist today in many locations. Walk Score® is an online tool that assigns a score based on the site’s walkability and location efficiency. Instead of spending time on detailed calculations and maps, project teams can generate a Walk Score for the site with one click.

Option 3: Walkable Location is available for substitution for all LEED BD+C/ID+C v4 and LEED Canada NC/CS 2009 projects.

For example, this streamlined path would help to document CaGBC’s Ottawa office. Rather than calculating densities for many small buildings within the radius and identifying diverse uses within a walkable distance, this project can earn all 5 points simply by providing the Walk Score of 99.