LEED July Addenda with update to LEED for Cities and Communities

Green Building Team on August 21, 2023

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LEED v4.1
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The July 2023 Quarterly LEED Addenda saw mostly minor changes for the majority of rating systems under LEED v4/v4.1, unlike the April addenda which had some significant and welcome updates for LEED BD+C in particular. However, Canadian project teams should be sure to scan the list of the latest changes posted, particularly to note updates to seven LEED calculators, as well as a new pilot Alterative Compliance Path (ACP) to LEED v4/4.1 BD+C EQp Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance. This pilot ACP EQpc165 also includes achieving two points under INc Innovation, with an additional ACP to EQc Enhanced IAQ strategies under Option 2. 

There were more significant changes to LEED v4.1 Cities and Communities in the July addenda, as outlined by the USGBC. When the beta LEED v4.1 Cities and Communities was released, it expanded on the earlier performance-based approach to deliver a comprehensive framework to support plan, design, operation and performance management phases of both new and existing cities and communities. Until this recent addenda, cities and communities have been merged in the rating system presentation. However, the material for existing sites has now been broken into: 

  • LEED for Cities and Communities: Existing Cities 
  • LEED for Cities and Communities: Existing Communities 

The ‘Plan and Design’ version will be split at a later date. The revised version for ‘cities’ has significant edits to advance critical content areas that local governments are tackling, including biodiversity, heat mitigation, public health, economic development, location efficiency, pedestrian and bicycle safety, mobility policies, responsible procurement, net zero, carbon neutrality and more. 

(Project teams may wish to review this USGBC FAQ if they are wondering about the interconnection between LEED v4 Neighborhood Development and the beta LEED v4.1 Cities and Communities.) 

Canadians who are particularly interested in LEED for Cities and Communities should consider volunteering for the new LEED v5 Consensus Committee. Applications will be accepted until August 25 8pm E.T. More information is available on the USGBC website.

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