LEED Credit Library (the online Reference Guide) – new features available for FREE

Green Building Team on October 28, 2017

Rating System/Standard

Looking for credit specific requirements and submittal tips? Refer to the LEED Credit Library online… for FREE. The Credit Library contains each credit from each version of each rating system. Once a given credit is selected the Intent and Requirements can be found on the Language tab. The Language tab also includes sample LEED Forms, any SITES-LEED equivalencies and Pilot alternative compliance paths. The Resources tab now includes a lot of very useful submittal tips, calculators, links to third party guidance documents and standards and informational videos. The Addenda tab includes any relevant reference guide corrections, LEED Interpretations, and LEED Form updates.

Curious about LEED v4, but not sure where to start? Review the entire Getting Started, Minimum Program Requirements, Rating System Selection Guidance sections of the BD+CID+CO+MHomes, and ND LEED v4 Reference Guides online for FREE. The Getting Started sections are particularly helpful when looking for direction about project boundaries, occupancy, incomplete spaces, Tenant Sales and Lease Agreement, and the Campus Program. They typically address issues that span an entire rating system.

Then move on to the Credit Category Overviews sections of the BD+CID+CO+MHomes, and ND LEED v4 Reference Guides also online for FREE. The Credit Category Overview sections are particularly helpful when looking for information about qualifying products and material contributions for the Materials and Resources credits, or information about occupied vs non occupied spaces, and floor area calculations for the Indoor Environmental Quality credits. They typically address issues that span an entire credit category.

Once you are ready to get into the details and start using LEED v4, the online Reference Guide will be your most valuable resource. Complete with Step by Step Guidance, Further Explanation, Calculations, and Changes from LEED 2009, the Guide provides the necessary information to inform your project’s design. An annual subscription to the Web-based Reference Guide can be purchased which will unlock the Guide tab, providing access to all the information contained in the printed LEED v4 Reference Guides. For the price of a single subscription, users have access to all LEED v4 rating system families.


  • Submittal Tips from LEED v4 Reviewers are now available for free in Online Credit Library, under Resources.
  • Useful explanatory videos are also available now for free, like this example from Rainwater Management.