Introducing the new CAGBC Learning Hub


We are pleased to announce the launch of the new CAGBC Learning Hub. For over 20 years, CAGBC has recognized the importance of a continuous learning mindset to accelerate the transition to green buildings. New approaches, new technologies, and new materials require the professionals who design, construct and manage buildings to continuously re-skill to stay current.

The new Learning Hub is designed to more effectively and accessibly advance learning, with several key benefits.

Benefits of the new Learning Hub:

  • Learn anytime, anywhere. Our new learning environment is designed to allow learners to go through our on-demand courses at their own pace, even using mobile devices to accommodate different learning styles and preferences.
  • User-friendly interface. The CAGBC Learning Hub is easier to navigate and more intuitive. 
  • A learning journey that’s easy to track. In the CAGBC Learning Hub, participants can easily track their progress and quiz scores. Participants have the added opportunity to download certificates of completion (once unlocked) and keep track of course expiration dates.
  • The Learning Hub is automatically linked with your MyCAGBC account. Your linked account will be set up after you make your first on-demand course purchase from our course catalogue. From that time forward, you’ll have only one account for both MyCAGBC and the CAGBC Learning Hub. MyCAGBC is how members and non-members alike can view purchases like on-demand courses. CAGBC members can use their MyCAGBC login to get additional access to LEED project and credit information requests (CIRs) as well as the products, tools and discounts available to members.
  • Notifications that get you started. Each time you purchase an on-demand course in the new CAGBC Learning Hub, you will receive a notification of enrolment so you know when you can start accessing your new course.  

CAGBC will continue to support Canadian professionals and meet the growing demand for upskilling and training in the green and zero carbon building industry. Got questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us.

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