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Development is now underway on a new version of CAGBC’s Zero Carbon Building – Design Standard, which is already helping over 230 projects define ambitious levels and strategies to achieve low-carbon outcomes for new construction and deep retrofit projects.

The ZCB-Design v4 Standard will be unveiled at next year’s Building Lasting Change conference in Toronto, June 2024.

To maintain and accelerate momentum, it is critical that we hear from you – the owners, designers, contractors, manufacturers, and others who help deliver low-carbon buildings.

We’re asking for your input – please take 15 minutes to complete the ZCB-Design v4 Market Survey and help formulate how ZCB-Design should address critical questions such as:

  • What part should electrification play in decarbonization?
  • What is the role of buildings in ensuring the capacity and stability of the grid – should buildings be grid assets, creating value streams for both customers and the grid?
  • What embodied carbon emissions reductions are possible today?
  • How should resiliency feature in a climate change mitigation standard?

The updates to the ZCB-Design Standard will be informed by what we hear from you, helping to reflect changing market capabilities and expectations. The Standard will continue to adhere to its guiding principles of accessibility and simplicity, ensuring it incorporates enough flexibility to be applied across five climate zones and multiple building types.

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