Have your say in LEED v4 ballot

Together we can ensure LEED better addresses climate change

Green Building Team on November 16, 2022

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Since LEED v4’s energy performance requirements were set, energy codes have evolved and the need to directly address operational carbon emissions has become clear. USGBC recently announced its intent to bring LEED v4 requirements in line with market expectations, and released draft updates to the requirements for Minimize Energy Performance and Optimize Energy Performance (see BD+CID+C, Homes, and Multifamily Mid-rise). 

These changes are open for public comment until January 13, with final changes to be approved by a ballot in the spring of 2023. We encourage Canadians to voice their views using the “comment” button in the credit library. We also encourage you to share your thoughts with CAGBC as your input will help us synthesize and re-enforce the Canadian perspective when speaking with USGBC. 

The proposed changes bring the rigour of LEED v4 into rough alignment with LEED v4.1 and match the beta rating system’s credit structure: half the points available are determined by the reduction in energy using a metric of cost or source energy, and the other half are determined by the reductions in operational carbon (GHG) emissions. 

CAGBC supports updating the energy requirements and incorporating operational carbon emissions requirements. We will be reviewing the details of the proposed changes with our technical advisory group and look forward to the feedback from all Canadian stakeholders. 

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