Guiding principles & new approval process for LEED v5

CAGBC's Green Building team on March 9, 2023

Rating System/Standard
Certification updates

The LEED rating system has guided green building design in Canada for almost a quarter of a century. It continues to evolve with work underway on the next version, LEED v5. Updated principles to guide LEED v5 development were formed through the Future of LEED sessions (including in Canada) and recently released in the USGBC’s Annual Letter.

These principles include:

  • Increasing scale to maximize impact.
  • Accelerating our progress on decarbonizing the built environment.
  • Prioritizing climate adaptation and resilience.
  • Targeting proven investments in human health and well-being.
  • Ensuring our work promotes greater diversity, equity and inclusion in the built environment.
  • Supporting flourishing ecosystems through regenerative practices.

USGBC’s update reaffirms a fast trajectory for LEED v5, with some draft requirements available this fall. Updates to the ballot process have also been confirmed, with revisions to the Foundations of LEED procedural document. In the new process, there is a more involved role for Consensus Committees: these groups will contribute to the development of LEED v5 and vote on the balloted drafts. USGBC members will then ratify the final rating system by simple majority. There will continue to be drafts available for public comment and CAGBC will notify Canadian members when these drafts are available.

We encourage you to read the full USGBC letter to learn of other initiatives being planned, including a single, streamlined platform for LEED projects designed to provide a smoother and more intuitive certification process.