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CAGBC Staff on April 17, 2023

Earth Day encourages us to think about our collective responsibility to protect and preserve the planet, and to help accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future. CAGBC is making it easier with an Earth Week discount on select course bundles designed to build expertise in green and low-carbon buildings.

The Canadian building sector can be a leader of positive change, as greening our buildings can significantly reduce carbon emissions and dramatically mitigate environmental impacts. Canada’s Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) requests a 37 percent emission reduction for the building sector by 2030 compared to the 2005 levels. Just focusing on retrofitting Canada’s large buildings could help to achieve just over half of the projections set for the building sector by the ERP (CAGBC, Roadmap for Retrofits in Canada, 2017).

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The transition to zero-carbon, highly efficient and healthy green buildings require a skilled workforce with both complementary and shared knowledge. Upskilling for those involved in the design, construction, and management of buildings ensures that emerging and experienced building professionals are aware of the latest standards and regulations, as well as best practices needed for buildings that are healthier for people and the planet.

To move Canada’ building sector forward, CAGBC offers a wide variety of industry-specific courses designed to help broaden green building expertise. Through convenient, on-demand courses, CAGBC provides the necessary insight and knowledge needed to make effective and sustainable design choices. Targeting specific areas of interest, our course bundles offer a quick and easy method to receive specialized content and training from subject matter CAGBC experts.

This Earth Week, we are encouraging industry professionals to invest in green building education so that the sector can be better equipped to invest in our planet.

The offer is available to both members and non-members. Use promo code EarthWK2023.

Explore the discounted course bundles below:

Intro to LEED and the Integrated Design Process Bundle

This bundle explores:

  • LEED v4 Overview and Basic Requirements
  • Project Design and the Integrative Process

LEED Energy Performance Bundle

This bundle explores:

  • Energy and Atmosphere (EA) credit category
  • Energy Performance Credits
  • Energy Metering and Demand Response Credits
  • Renewable and Green Energy Credits

LEED Materials and Construction Bundle

This bundle focuses on:

  • Construction Process and LEED Credits
  • Construction Plans for LEED Credits
  • Materials and Resources: Life Cycle Assessments and Sourcing of Raw Materials
  • Materials and Resources: Material Ingredients and Emissions
  • LEED v4 Specifications Review

Creating Healthy Buildings: Unlock Your Building’s Potential

This bundle focuses on key wellness factors affecting occupant health.

Interested in our other offerings? Explore our courses here.

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