CSI Qualifying Divisions for MR Credits in LEED v4

Green Building Team on September 28, 2017

The Materials and Resources (MR) category of LEED Design and Construction (BD+C and ID+C) Rating Systems has always required permanently installed building products to be included in credit calculations. Most of these products fall into Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat Divisions 03-10, 31 and 32 under the 2004 edition. Division 12 – Furnishings, though not required, may be included as long as it is done so consistently across all MR credits. Historically, LEED D+C rating systems have not required the inclusion of mechanical, plumbing and electrical equipment (CSI MasterFormat divisions 11, 21-28). LEED v4 D+C MR credits now have the option to include elements of these divisions. In contrast to how furniture is handled, not all installed products from division 11, 21-28 are required to be included; only passive elements (e.g. ducts, piping, plumbing fixtures, conduits, etc.). However, similar to furniture, if included in cost-based credits (e.g., Option 2 in the Building Product Disclosure and Optimization credits), passive elements from division 11, 21-28 must be included consistently across all cost-based credits. If they are included in product-based credits (i.e., Option 1 in the Building Product Disclosure and Optimization credits) however, they are not required to be included in the cost-based credits.

Confused? The Materials and Resources Category Overview in the LEED v4 Reference Guides offers valuable information on topics that apply to multiple credits within the category. This section highlights cross-cutting issues that impact calculations including an explanation of the qualifying products and exclusions. You can read it online in the LEED v4 Building Design + Construction Guide Introduction.

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