CAGBC highlights continuous learning for WGBW

CAGBC Learning Hub helping “Build the Transition” through low-carbon skills training and knowledge

CAGBC Staff on September 11, 2023

11 September, 2023 – The Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC) is marking World Green Building Week by highlighting the importance of continuous learning to advance green buildings and retrofits .  With the development of the new CAGBC Learning Hub, the Council is investing in delivering important training new and innovative ways.

“Canada has made significant strides towards promoting sustainable design and construction,” observed Scott Ringler, Head of Market Engagement at CAGBC. “That said, professionals in the green building sector still face challenges when accessing the learning and training opportunities they need to innovate and advance in zero carbon building. The new Learning Hub helps break down these barriers and deliver the value of continuous learning and training to employees and businesses across Canada.”

For over 20 years, CAGBC has recognized the critical importance of a continuous learning mindset to transitioning buildings to zero carbon. New approaches, new technologies, and new materials require professionals to continuously advance their skills and access new resources.

The new CAGBC Learning Hub is designed to more effectively and accessibly advance learning, with several key benefits.

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Benefits of the new Learning Hub:

  • Learn anytime, anywhere. Our new learning environment has been designed to allow learners to go through our on-demand courses at their own pace, using various mobile devices. This helps to accommodate different learning styles and preferences.
  • User-friendly interface. The Learning Hub is easier to navigate and more intuitive than our previous learning platform. 
  • A learning journey that’s easy to track. In the Learning Hub, participants can easily track their progress and quiz scores. Participants have the added opportunity to download certificates of completion (once unlocked) and keep track of course expiration dates.
  • Learning Hub is automatically linked with CAGBC accounts. A participant’s linked account will be set up after they make their first on-demand course purchase from our course catalogue. From that time forward, each participant has only one account for both the Learning Hub and also for logging into their CAGBC account.
  • Notifications that get you started. Each time a participant purchases an on-demand course in the Learning Hub, they will receive a notification of enrolment so they know when they can start accessing their new course.  

CAGBC will continue to support Canadian professionals and meet the growing demand for upskilling and training in the green and zero carbon building industry.  Got questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us here.

Free low carbon skills training.
New program coming this fall.


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