CEE commercial clothes washer specification

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The CEE commercial clothes washer specification was suspended, how do I determine if my commercial clothes washer meets the LEED v4 requirements under the Indoor Water Use Reduction prerequisite?

Amanda Ashmore, LEED Reviewer, answers:

Although the CEE Commercial clothes washer specification was suspended in 2013, LEED v4 projects must still demonstrate compliance with the CEE Tier 3A commercial clothes washer criteria that was in effect at the time the LEED v4 rating system was published. Project teams may choose a washer from the qualifying products list or alternatively demonstrate that the selected product has a Modified Energy Factor (MEF) of at least 1.80 and a maximum Water Factor (WF) of 7.5. Note that commercial clothes washers that comply with the current ENERGY STAR specification (v7.1) meet the CEE Tier 3A criteria.