Call for Volunteers: Zero Carbon Steering Committee

Zero Carbon

The Zero Carbon Building Program is Canada’s flagship approach for deep carbon reductions in the real estate sector, covering building certification, advocacy, research, and education. Since the launch of the ZCB-Design and ZCB-Performance Standards in 2017, the program has grown from 16 pilot projects to over 250 projects across Canada. Each pushes the limits of what is possible for electrification, energy efficiency, and embodied carbon reductions.

Get involved

Are you interested in helping set the direction of this groundbreaking program? CAGBC is now accepting applications for the Zero Carbon Steering Committee (ZCSC).

The ZCSC is the senior committee providing policy, technical, and market oversight of the Zero Carbon Building Program in Canada. This Committee is responsible for the development and application of the ZCB-Design and ZCB-Performance Standards, as well as associated tools and guidance. The committee is also responsible for supporting CAGBC with the strategic direction of the program, which includes guiding CAGBC’s advocacy, research, and education related to zero carbon.

Get started

The deadline for applications is March 3, 2023. Interested parties should submit their application via email and indicate “Zero Carbon Steering Committee Application” in the subject line. Please include:

  • a cover letter articulating the reasons for your interest, the particular aspects of zero carbon buildings in which you are interested, and how your qualifications match those outlined below;
  • your curriculum vitae; and,
  • if appropriate, a list of relevant project experience and the role played on these projects.
Member Commitment
  • One-hour conference calls held every month (typically).
  • Approximately one hour of preparation time per meeting to review documentation.
  • Requirement to attend at least two-thirds of meetings.

All committee members will be required to agree to a Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policy.

Please note that the Zero Carbon Steering Committee operates in English.


ZCSC applicants should demonstrate knowledge and experience in at one least of the following:

  • Low-carbon building practices, including design, construction and operation;
  • Embodied and operational carbon issues, including carbon accounting;
  • The ZCB-Design and ZCB-Performance Standards;
  • The development and application of green building rating systems;
  • Regulatory/policy frameworks; and,
  • General knowledge of industry and stakeholders.

ZCSC applicants must also demonstrate organizational and interpersonal skills. They should have a proven ability to collaborate with a creative multidisciplinary team of national experts, building consensus and reaching desired outcomes in an agreed-upon timeframe.

The ZCSC seeks representatives of various stakeholder groups including:

  • Private and public owners/developers
  • Designers (architects, engineers, energy modelers, HVAC designers etc.)
  • Contractors
  • Energy service providers
  • Embodied carbon life cycle assessors
  • Utilities

Note that for the ZCSC to remain unbiased, representatives from product manufacturers and trade associations cannot be appointed to the ZCSC.

Applicants must be from a CAGBC member organization at the “Green Building Specialist” level as the ability to participate on committees and affect the direction of the Council is a benefit of this level of membership.

Appointments to the ZCSC will aim to achieve a diversity of relevant experience, professional perspectives, market and geographical representation, and gender balance.

Only one individual per member company may be represented on the committee.

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