Building the Transition

CAGBC joins with Green Building Councils around the world to celebrate World Green Building Week

CAGBC Staff on September 8, 2023

September 11 to 15 is World Green Building Week. Organized by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) and a global network of over 75 Green Building Councils and their 46,000 members, World Green Building Week (WGBW) calls on the building and construction sector to start Building the Transition to accelerate green and low-carbon buildings.

What we build today defines our tomorrow

Green buildings offer a proven solution to lower carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency, and create resilience in our communities and economy. As Canada’s third-largest carbon emitter, the building sector can be a crucial change agent in the coming transition by creating new jobs, driving innovation, and helping the nation meet its global climate commitments.

For WGBW, CAGBC is focusing on three key areas:

The Energy Transition

The energy transition is more than switching to clean electricity or renewables. It’s about creating systemic change that accelerates building electrification and investments in energy efficiency and grid capacity. It’s seeing buildings as good grid citizens – with deep retrofits that can reduce energy demand and generate renewable energy that can be stored and shared.

Attend our Sept. 13 Grid-friendly Electrification webinar.

The Zero Carbon Transition

The whole building sector must champion zero-carbon buildings so they go from niche to normal. Canada’s market leaders have proven that zero-carbon buildings and retrofits are possible, and CAGBC has mapped out a path for all large buildings. We must rethink buildings with carbon as the key performance indicator and encourage governments to require zero-carbon transition plans for any deep carbon retrofit program.

Learn about our Zero Carbon Building Program

The Resilient Transition

The impacts of climate change and damage from extreme weather events occur at the building, community, and city scale. In Canada, floods, heatwaves, extreme cold and wildfires impact where and how we live. Changes in how we design, manage, and occupy buildings can help mitigate damage and improve recoverability.

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Members! Get involved in World Green Building Week

CAGBC members can participate in World Green Building Week by sharing what #BuildingTheTransition means to them – film a video, write a blog, or share a project you are proud of. You can download localized WGBW social media assets here and use them to become part of the global #BuildingTheTransition conversation.

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