Avoid these common problems with LEED Online registrations  

Green Building Team on October 1, 2020

Rating System/Standard
  • All concerns should be directed to LEED Coach Canada. If you reach out to USGBC LEED Coach, please be aware that this will delay the response to your question by up to 3-4 weeks.
  • When registering a project in LEED Online, the person registering is automatically made the project administrator. Only the project administrator can re-assign the project administrator role to another individual. If the project administrator is leaving the company, ensure they re-assign the role to another team member. Note that all authorization levels can submit the project for review. Contact LEED Coach Canada if you require assistance.
  • If you have registered a project under the incorrect rating system or version, you cannot correct this yourself through LEED Online; you will require assistance from LEED Coach Canada. Your project’s registration fees must be paid before the rating system can be corrected. Once the fees have been paid, please email LEED Coach Canada for assistance.
  • When generating the invoice for registration fees, the default contact information on the invoice will be the person logged into the project profile in LEED Online. Make sure to enter the correct owner company information on the invoice. Once the invoice has been generated, you cannot correct it and you will need to contact LEED Coach Canada for assistance.
  • Please ensure that if you are a specialist member of the CaGBC, the email address you are using to register projects in LEED Online is the email address that is linked to your CaGBC membership. This will make sure you get the member rate for registration and certification fees.
  • Note that all Canadian v4 and v4.1 projects are submitted in LEED Online and receive a USGBC ID number. Each project also receives a CaGBC project number, which is only assigned so that the project is included in the CaGBC project database.