New COVID-related guidance provides a path forward

Rating System/Standard

New allowances recognize challenges faced by LEED O+M projects

Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) recognizes the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on LEED Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M) projects.

The measures required to address the pandemic have significantly impacted building occupancy and operations, and as a result, the building data and scores necessary for certification and recertification.

To address this, the latest LEED guidance offers allowances specific to O+M projects. These include using a reporting period that pre-dates any occupancy reductions due to COVID-19. Details can be found in CaGBC’s COVID-19 Certification FAQs.

“With the latest allowances and guidance, there is a path to certification for every LEED O+M project, even during these unprecedented times,” said Thomas Mueller, President and CEO of CaGBC. “LEED certification and the Arc platform help projects better track and measure building performance including health and safety guidance related building re-occupancy during to COVID-19. We are ready to work with all Canadian LEED O+M projects to take advantage of these new pathways.”

new guidance document provides step-by-step instructions for project teams pursuing these alternative pathways. The document walks through the data entry process and simplifies the process so project teams can easily take advantage of the special allowances for projects impacted by COVID-19.

Both the LEED rating system and Arc, the platform for collecting and managing building data, have pivoted during the pandemic to offer more flexibility for project teams. New “Safety First” pilot credits were introduced that recognize the changes needed to facilitate building re-entry.

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