Innovation Series

CaGBC’s Innovation Series explores the latest solutions and strategies for the specific technical and market challenges inherent in designing, constructing and managing high-performance sustainable buildings.

The Innovation Series encourages dialogue around leading-edge solutions for the green building industry, helping it tackle the challenge of creating high-performing and resilient buildings, communities, and cities.

Throughout 2021, the CaGBC will host nine online sessions that invite meaningful dialogue around leading-edge solutions and strategies to address pressing issues in the green building sector. Each two-hour session includes educational presentations and moderated panels presented by Canada’s leading subject matter experts. Interactive discussions, innovative case studies and breakout rooms are some of the elements included in each engaging session.

Advancing Resiliency & Efficiency

As we face an increase in dramatic weather events, pandemics and higher demand for electricity, our buildings must become more resilient to the effects of climate change. Explore practices and strategies around energy security, resilient design and materials, and seize on opportunities that optimize carbon reductions, energy efficiency, and corporate transparency.


Monday, October 4 | Pathways for Transitioning To Clean Energy
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Thursday, October 7 | Real-Time Data, Real-Time Carbon Reduction
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Date TBC | The Forgotten Product Category: Inviting MEP to the Sustainability Table
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