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CaGBC is the leading green building education provider in Canada, delivering education to over 45,000 green building professionals since 2004. Our online and in-person programs and courses are developed and delivered by expert industry professionals that can help further your career, professional development and knowledge of Canada's vibrant green building industry.

By choosing CaGBC Education, you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible green building education in Canada.



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Courses and Events

Workshops and Events
In-class programs, courses and events.
Live Webinars
Online, interactive live courses.
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Online courses that you can take
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LEED Credentials

LEED® Green Associate
Get started here! Getting your LEED Green Associate is the first step for LEED credentialing.
LEED® AP with Specialty
After earning your LEED Green Associate, there are five LEED Accredited Professional (AP) specialties to choose from.
LEED® Fellow
The LEED Fellow recognizes outstanding LEED APs changing the way we all build green.

Education Services

Custom Education Services:
Built for You
Education programs custom-built to meet your organization’s business needs.