January 2010

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Calendar of Events

New Year's eco resolutions

Election notice - national call for Board 
of Directors

Alberta Chapter elections - a toast to the green

LEED® credentials - the next generation

Sustainable Building Symposium features three headliners

Yes, you CAN!...Get involved in Canstruction®

Edmonton's Impact Building - designed and operated for sustainability

Product profile - fibrous reinforcing

Book review:  Greed to Green - The transformation of an industry and a life

Calendar of Events

January 20
Making Biomass Matter - Edmonton

January 21

Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance - Unlocking Energy Efficiency - Calgary

January 22
Sustainble Building Symposium Call for Presenters deadline

February 2
Green Building Beyond Engery Efficiency - Calgary

February 4
LEED Canada for Core Concepts and Strategies workshop - Calgary

February 18
Green Your Business:  Just Add Biomass - Edmonton

March 1
Clean Technolgies Symposium - Edmonton

March 3
Clean Technologies Symposium - Calgary

March 4
LEED Canada Documentation - Calgary

March 16
Life Cycle Costing Workshop - Edmonton

March 17
Life Cycle Costing Workshop - Calgary

March 17
Alberta Chapter - Annual General Meeting

April 13
LEED for Product Manuafacturers - Edmonton

April 14
LEED for Product Manuafacturers - Calgary

May 11
Products for Homebuilders - Edmonton

May 11 & 12
Sustainable Building Symposium - Edmonton

May 12 & 13
Sustainable Building Symposium - Calgary

May 14
Products for Homebuilders - Calgary

Perspectives is the bimonthly e-newsletter of the Alberta Chapter, Canada Green Building Council.

New Year's eco resolutions

Start the New Year off right - with some eco-friendly resolutions! Which do you practice now - and which can you increase?

  • Reduce your waste. Buy bulk, buy only what you need and buy products with less packaging.
  • Reuse materials that still have some life left in them. You save space in your landfill - and reduce the carbon footprint at every stage of manufacturing. 
  • Recycle at home and at work. Check your municipality's website if you're unsure what you can recycle. 
  • Compost. This is nature's way to recycle. 
  • Reduce your energy consumption at home and at work. 
  • Stay away from coffee shops and fast food restaurants that use disposable cups.
  • Use public transit whenever possible. 
  • Encourage your family and friends to shop in stores and dine in restaurants that encourage good eco-friendly habits. 
  • Use less water. Save money while you save this precious resource. 
  • Introduce at least two people to the Alberta Chapter, Canada Green Building Council in 2010 -support your chapter and further sustainable building in Alberta.

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Election notice - national call for Board of Directors

Do you have your finger on the pulse of the sustainable building industry in Alberta? Are you passionate about our industry and know others across Canada could benefit from your insights and experience. You are waiting for a chance to contribute to the broader green building community.

Bookmark the Canada Green Building Council  site for a January 20th, "Call for Candidates" to the CaGBC Board of Directors. 

The Council hopes to fill seven seats, in particular in the following categories:

  • Building Owners

  • Realtors, Managers & Tenants 

  • Professional Firms 

  • Financial & Support Services 

  • Retail, Construction & Products 

  • Academia, Research & Policy

Do you have what it takes? If you can demonstrate leadership on climate change and sustainability, passion for the issues, the ability to advocate for green buildings or the ability to influence a particular sector of the green building industry, then step up to the plate - and put your name forward.

Note: Alberta needs your representation! Alberta's only current board representative's term expires in 2010. 

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Alberta Chapter elections - a toast to the green!

Mark your calendars for St. Patrick's Day - and think green as you prepare for the 2010 Alberta Chapter, CaGBC Board of Directors elections.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held after work Wednesday, March 17 in Calgary and video linked to Edmonton members.

Three director positions, each for three-year terms, are open for election. Two must be from the Alberta South Region (south of Red Deer). The third position can be from either Alberta South or Alberta North (Red Deer, north). Specific positions on the Board are chosen by the elected Board members.

Plan to attend. The AGM will also offer an overview of the Chapter's financial and membership strength and will affirm direction for 2010.

LEED® credentials - the next generation 

Here's the good news: the number of LEED Accredited Professionals (APs) is skyrocketing. Canada alone boasts more than 8,400 APs; worldwide, there are more than 100,000 APs.

Here's even better news: the U.S. Green Building Council and the Canada Green Building Council have taken the needed leap to ensure the AP designation maintains its integrity and value both throughout the sustainable building community and with the many other professions we work with.

How can the two organizations ensure the sustaining value of the accreditation process? The answer involves a multi-part process: 

  • introducing a two-tier exam 

  • updating eligibility requirements 

  • ensuring the disciplinary policy actively supports the process, and 

  • introducing credentialing maintenance - continuing education.

The first significant change, however, comes with the body responsible for AP credentialing. Formerly conducted by the USGBC and CaGBC, credentialing and certification has become the purview of the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). Originally spun off from the USGBC, the GBCI provides objective third party verification, systems development, analysis and audit functions for LEED APs.

The new LEED AP Program 

The new program will include three levels of excellence.  These levels offer APs a mechanism to acknowledge increasing levels of knowledge and expertise, increasing levels of eligibility requirements for all levels of the exam system, and required continuing education for all levels to ensure LEED professionals have the latest knowledge and understanding of green building practices.

Tier Description Requirements Maintenance
I: LEED Green Associate Demonstrated knowledge and skill in practicing green design, construction and development 
  • Meet GBCI eligibility requirements 

  • Pass Tier I exam


15 hours of continuing education per cycle (2 yrs)
II: LEED AP with Specialization Extraordinary depth of knowledge in green buildings practices and specialization in specific field 
  • Meet GBCI eligibility requirements 
  • Pass Tier I exam 
  • Pass specialty (Tier II) exam(s), based on field(s) of expertise


30 hours of continuing education per cycle (2 yrs)
III: LEED Fellow To be defined this spring / summer    

If you are a current LEED AP, you can choose: 

  • Option 1. Enroll in the new tiered system by June 2011, choosing either Tier I (LEED Green Associate) or Tier II (LEED AP with Specialization). You would complete the requirements (equivalency) within two years. 

  • Option 2. Pass one (or more) of the Tier II LEED AP with Specialization exams by June 2011. 

  • Option 3. Do nothing. You would then receive a LEED AP designation without specialty title in the LEED AP directory.


You are likely aware that the last date to write the existing NC and CI exams was December 31, 2009. GBCI is working hard to get all processes developed, tested and in place - but specific timelines for the new systems in Canada are yet to be determined. Stay tuned, and you will be updated as information becomes available.

Credentialing Maintenance 

APs will be able to earn credits toward their maintenance requirement through self-study programs, reading, certificates, professional licences / credentials, professional development, publishing articles, LEED project participation and courses. Attendance at presentations and workshops will also qualify if the event is listed as an approved LEED curriculum topic or identified as approved training under the Education Providers Program (EPP).

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