Applying the NECB 2017 - Alberta and Saskatchewan

DURATION: 3 hours

3 GBCI general education hours.

Complying with the NECB 2017 energy code is now a requirement in Alberta and Saskatchewan and there are many questions around what performance requirements are actually in the code and how it will impact your project. Will we need to significantly change the way we design and build buildings in Alberta and Saskatchewan? Does the NECB mean all new buildings have to have less than 30% windows? How do the new thermal bridging requirements work? My project uses a construction type that cannot meet the high R-value requirements; will I still be able to meet code? These and many other questions will be answered in this eye-opening course, where the main objective is to empower designers, owners, developers and code officials to navigate and implement the NECB with more confidence.

This course will highlight the key performance characteristics in NECB 2017 from envelope to mechanical to lighting. It will also outline the flexibility requirements in the code that allow for design trade-offs in instances where requirements may be onerous for certain projects. Participants will learn from about NECB in the context of Alberta and Saskatchewan, ranging from prescriptive compliance to energy modeling for the performance path.

This course is delivered by Alex Blue, previously with Morrison Hershfield and now with Evoke Buildings Engineering.


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