HEALTH AND LIVABILITY: Pillars of Green Building

DURATION: 7 hours
This includes sessions delivered during Day 5 of CaGBC's 2020 annual Conference, Building Lasting Change (BLC), delivered in Fall 2020.

Green building goes beyond reducing environmental impacts with a holistic approach that improves the lives and wellbeing of Canadians and embraces green choices beyond the building to include elements such as electric vehicles and renewable energy. LEED certified buildings provide a range of health and wellbeing benefits to occupants through smart design choices. When this approach is extended to neighbourhoods and cities, more people can experience the benefits of sustainable construction and design. By providing solutions that enhance human health and wellbeing, and contribute to the livability of communities, the industry has the potential to engage the next tier of building owners and developers, planners, and policy makers to consider green buildings as a workable and profitable investment. This stream expands our understanding of how green buildings, communities, and cities contribute to livability and provide socio-economic benefits such as health, social justice, and economic growth.

  • Keynote - Regional Chief Kluane Adamek. Moderated by Brent Gilmour, CaGBC.
  • How We Deliver Thriving, Sustainable Communities - A New Ecosystem for Development. Presenters: Barbara Swartzentruber, City of Guelph; Jonathan Westeinde, Windmill Development Group; Jenny McMinn, Urban Equation; Steven Pacifico, Epic Investment Services.
  • Showcasing Relationships Between Neighborhood Design and Wellbeing Toronto Indicators. Presenter: Richard Ross Shaker, Ryerson University.
  • Eager to Return : Safe Re-Entry With LEED and ARC. Presenters: Brandy Burdeniuk, CaGBC; Chris Pyke, ArcSkoru.
  • How Smart Buildings Impact Community Wellbeing. Presenters: Charles Marshall, DIALOG; Roberta Kowalishin, DIALOG.
  • Balancing Green Building, Health and Wellness with Equity in Neighborhood Development. Presenters: Ashley Graham, ZIBI; Khader Ghazal, Morrison Hershfield.
  • The Present and Future of Your LEED Program. Presenters: Cloelle Vernon, CaGBC; Colleen Loader, CaGBC; Mark Hutchinson, CaGBC; Peter Whitred, GBCI CA.


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