Building the Envelope for LEEDv4 Homes Platinum Project

DURATION: 1 hour

Construction of the Building Envelope for a LEED v4 Homes Platinum Project

Targeting LEED v4 Platinum! Designing for passive heating and cooling is a critical component to building affordable high performance homes. This super efficient home is an example of how homeowners on a budget can enjoy all of the benefits of green. This webinar will take participants step by step through the construction of a home that costs just $1.39 a day to operate. In this session, participants will be introduced to the basic design principles of passively heated and cooled homes, including home orientation, insulation, air tightness, ventilation and window selection.

This course is delivered by Mike Reynolds, a LEED AP Homes and Green Rater. Mike is also a longstanding environmental activist, a former home builder and the co-founder of, a comprehensive web resource that has established itself as a trusted voice in Canada's green building community.

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