CAGBC Awards nomination process now open for 2021

The annual CAGBC Awards opened today, providing Canada’s green building sector with an opportunity to celebrate their success as they help transform the built environment to meet the challenges of this critical decade.

CAGBC Awards recognize Members who have made a significant contribution to the Council’s mission to advance Canada’s green building sector. The Awards are presented annually at Building Lasting Change, Canada’s premier green building industry event.

Beginning in 2021, regional and national competitions were combined to allow Members from every province and territory to compete for all award categories. The new format features expanded recognition opportunities for winners that continue beyond award presentation day.

The CAGBC Awards (formerly called the CaGBC Green Building Leadership and Green Building Excellence Awards) were designed to recognize significant contributions and demonstrated success in advancing green building. This national Award program is open to all Members and includes the following award categories:

  • The Leadership categories recognize the commitment, vision, creativity, and passion driving the individuals and teams behind the growing success of Canada’s green building sector.
  • Green Building Excellence categories showcase Canada’s most efficient, effective, and impactful buildings.
  • The Andy Kesteloo Memorial Student Project Award recognizes an inspiring student project.

Nominations can be submitted starting today, January 11, 2021 through to March 1, 2021. Learn more about the award categories, criteria , and timeline at

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