Building Lasting Change to host the WorldGBC Congress in Toronto next June

The CaGBC is proud to announce that the World Green Building Council has selected Building Lasting Change to host the WorldGBC Congress in Toronto next June.

Each year, the WorldGBC Congress is hosted by a different green building council with the goal of bringing green building councils from Europe, Africa, Middle East and North Africa, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific together to share advancements in our joint mission to transform the built environment globally.

WorldGBC will spearhead the Building Lasting Change International Stream, which will showcase new approaches for international Net Zero Carbon buildings; major trends in urban planning with inspiration from the world’s cutting-edge cities; and ground-breaking insights into the link between green building and health, wellbeing and productivity, generated from case studies from around the world. Please look forward to details in the Building Lasting Change Call for Papers which will open on November 2.

“As a native Torontonian, I am delighted to come back to the city and to learn from Canadian green building leaders” said Terri Willis, CEO, WorldGBC. “We’re excited to show what we’ve achieved around the world with the generous support and leadership of CaGBC, one of our founding Councils, as well as the governments of Canada and Ontario. The lessons, innovations and inspirations from our international Green Building Councils will not disappoint!”

“CaGBC is excited to be hosting the WorldGBC Congress in Toronto next year as part of its national green building conference,” says Thomas Mueller, President & CEO of the CaGBC. “It’s a great opportunity for our members to showcase Canadian expertise to an international audience while advancing their own knowledge with international expert speakers and programs.”

The Congress also involves a meeting of CEOs of all the major established Green Building Councils; the WorldGBC Board meeting and AGM, the WorldGBC Corporate Advisory Board meeting and Members’ Day for all of WorldGBC’s member Green Building Councils.

About WGBC

WorldGBC is excited to be ‘coming home’ to Canada. The organization was founded in Toronto 15 years ago, with the support of key Green Building Councils including Canada and the U.S., the Ontario and Federal governments, and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. Now headquartered in London, UK, with an office in Toronto, WorldGBC unites over 70 Green Building Councils, all with the common goal of achieving green buildings for everyone, everywhere. Originally dubbed ‘the United Nations of the Green Building Movement’, WorldGBC now has almost 20 staff, with regional teams based all around the world. WorldGBC’s major influential global projects Advancing Net Zero, Better Places for People, the Building Efficiency Accelerator for cities, and Green Mortgages have been recognizsed by the UNFCCC, the European Union, Rockefeller Brothers, and numerous other influential organizsations.