Update on new CaGBC Integrated Nationwide Organization effective January 1, 2016

As was first announced in April 2015, CaGBC and its Chapters have been working together to create a nationwide organization that will provide increased programs and services to the industry. We are very pleased to announce that after chapter and national member votes, the official integration is effective January 1, 2016.

Update on Chapter voting

Following Chapter Board approval in the spring, the Atlantic, Greater Toronto Chapter, Ottawa Region, Alberta and Saskatchewan members have all voted to accept the integrated model.

Now that their members have approved the integration, the current Chapter Boards will transition to become Chapter Leadership Boards by early May, with increased focus on strategic regional issues, and providing direction to staff to deliver events, programs and other initiatives that provide increased value for members and stakeholders.

Each Chapter will also have a representative on the nationwide Chapter Advisory Committee. The primary purpose of this committee is to ensure a strong strategic and working relationship between the Chapters and the nationwide organization. The Committee provides the platform for Chapter Leadership Boards to have a meaningful voice at a strategic level to support the goals and expectations of the nationwide organization and its Chapters. The Committee will report to the Board of Directors quarterly and the Chair of the Chapter Advisory Committee becomes a voting member of the CaGBC Board of Directors (nationwide).


As the Manitoba Chapter Board and its members voted not to join the integrated structure, the CaGBC re-established a new chapter structure in Manitoba under the nationwide model. We have been working to bring events and education to the region, and have offered all past CaGBC Manitoba Chapter members a free membership with the re-established CaGBC Manitoba Chapter. In October 2015, an interim Chapter Leadership Board was formed in Manitoba, under the leadership of Marten Duhoux, Principal of ft3 Architecture Landscape Interior Design, to guide and support the re-establishment of the Manitoba Chapter and to ensure that there is continuation of the excellent work done by the Chapter over the last decade.

Members of the Chapter Leadership Board will be instrumental in this process, as we are looking for continued participation from the industry, drawing from the history of the Chapter, and building from that history to continue to strengthen green building in Manitoba. Once the Chapter is fully re-established, elections will be conducted in Spring 2016 in order to elect a full Chapter Leadership Board under the new nationwide structure. Visit the CaGBC Manitoba Chapter page for ongoing updates and information.

British Columbia

The CaGBC has re-established a B.C. Chapter, and recently hired a dedicated Chapter Engagement Specialist, Helen Phillips, to lead the way. Elections will be conducted in Spring 2016 in order to elect a Chapter Leadership Board. To read about upcoming plans for B.C., visit our B.C. Chapter webpage for ongoing updates.


Lastly, as previously communicated, CaGBC has a strong alliance with the Quebec Chapter and will continue to deliver CaGBC programs in this jurisdiction. Visit their webpage for upcoming education and event information.

New in 2016 - Free CaGBC Chapter memberships for all employees

One of the most significant new benefits associated with the CaGBC's new integrated structure is that all employees of a national member company are entitled to a free Chapter membership. Starting January 1, 2016, employees of all national member companies can now connect and engage with their local green building communities and others across Canada for free. The networks and opportunities available through the Chapters enable members to be directly involved in the advancement of green building communities across Canada.

When a company claims its complimentary Chapter membership, they will have access to all of the benefits associated with their company's current membership plus the individual benefits available to them through their local Chapter, including:

  • Voting rights at the Chapter level.
  • Discounts on CaGBC education, National and Chapter conference and event registration.
  • CaGBC member logo for use on business card and e-signature.
  • Eligibility for Chapter-specific initiatives and opportunities (committees, volunteering and awards), and more.

Easy to Claim

Simply make sure your CaGBC profile is up to date and connected to a national member company to claim your membership with one of these Chapters: BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Greater Toronto, Ottawa Region, and Atlantic. Go here for complete instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@cagbc.org.