Important CaGBC update from President and CEO Thomas Mueller regarding new integrated nationwide organization


The CaGBC chapters have played a crucial role in advancing green building and bringing our collective mission to all corners of the country. Canada is now recognized globally as a leader in green building with the largest uptake of LEED outside the US. This success is due to our stakeholders and members, supporters and volunteers who have been instrumental in driving the transformation of Canada's buildings, communities and cities.

Building on this success, I am very excited to announce that the Boards of the CaGBC and the Chapters have made a decision, which will now be brought to Chapter members, to create a nationwide organization that will provide increased programs and services to the industry. This change will support the continued growth of the green building market, strengthen the impact of the green building movement and better engage and service our stakeholders, members, and the industry at large. Most importantly, it will maximize our impact across Canada as we can take a more organized approach to climate change and other environmental issues.

All of the Chapters and CaGBC National have worked together since November 2013 in an open and transparent process to determine what an integrated nationwide organization would look like. The process included an inclusive consultation and consensus process that led to the creation of the nationwide model.

Each Chapter will be providing additional information to its membership about the proposed nationwide model and how it would impact members and stakeholders in the region. As part of the process, members will be encouraged to provide input and feedback, and will be asked to discuss and vote on a resolution at their respective AGM (or at a special general meeting) to approve the transition of the Chapter into becoming part of one nationwide organization.

If approved, starting on January 1, 2016, the nationwide organization will be:

  • Governed by the CaGBC Board of Directors;
  • Supported by an integrated staff, financial and administrative structure;
  • Supporting Chapter Executive Directors and staff to serve the unique needs and interests of their regions and drive local engagement; and
  • Transitioning Chapter Boards to become Chapter Leadership Boards with continued responsibility for local markets, stakeholder and member support.

Under the new nationwide model, the Atlantic, Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatchewan and Alberta Chapters would become part of the Canada Green Building Council while continuing to work with local markets and address regional interests. We will re-establish a B.C. Chapter and form a strong alliance with Quebec to continue to deliver CaGBC programs in these jurisdictions. The Manitoba Chapter Board decided to take their organization in a different direction. The CaGBC remains committed to supporting the green building market in that region and has reestablished a local Chapter in Manitoba.

During the transition, our members, stakeholders and program users can be confident that they will receive the same high level of service from Chapter staff. Local educational programming and events, networking and volunteer opportunities will continue and be enhanced moving forward.

In the coming weeks, CaGBC National and Chapter members will receive communications on the next steps in aligning the collective governance structure and bylaws to transition to a nationwide organization. CaGBC National and Chapter staff are available to answer questions members may have and we have prepared an FAQ which is posted on our website.

On behalf of all CaGBC Board of Directors, National and Chapter staff I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to making Every Building Greener in Canada. We look forward to strengthening our mission and impact on the marketplace by establishing this integrated nationwide organization.

Thomas Mueller,
President and CEO, Canada Green Building Council