Zero Carbon Building Pilot Program

Featuring 16 of Canada's most innovative projects.

Spanning the length of the country from Dartmouth to Kelowna, this elite group of 16 projects have been chosen to participate in a two-year pilot of CaGBC's Zero Carbon Building Standard to accelerate Canada’s zero-carbon transformation, as we move toward a decarbonized built environment by 2050.

These diverse project types represent how the standard is broadly applicable:

Size ranges from 20,000 to 1.3 million sq.ft.
Both existing buildings and new construction
Institutional buildings, offices, multi-unit residential and commercial.

Their experience will inform the further development of the Standard as well as tools, resources and education to accelerate market transformation.

View the progress of these pilot projects through profiles, renderings and other updates as the projects move through the design and construction phases. Learn more about certified ZCB Standard projects – including completed pilots – on the ZCB Showcase page.


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