Your EB:O&M or O+M project may be closer
than you think to Zero Carbon


Your LEED certified project may already meet many of the requirements for Zero Carbon Building – Performance certification. Learn more about the Standard today and see if you qualify.

CaGBC’s Zero Carbon Building Standard provides a clear and flexible pathway for existing buildings to reach zero emissions – and to be recognized for this achievement. With its reinforcement of the importance of energy efficiency, alongside its focus on carbon reduction, the Standard is the perfect complement to LEED EB:O&M and LEED O+M with its emphasis on operational excellence.

Check out this case study on 100 Murray Street in Ottawa, which has achieved both LEED O+M: Existing Buildings and Zero Carbon Building – Performance certifications. It’s a great example of how simple it can be.

Top 5 reasons why LEED EB:O&M and LEED O+M projects should register for Zero Carbon certification:

  1. LEED EB:O&M and LEED O+M projects are already highly energy efficient, and are among the top performing 25 per cent of buildings in Canada, making them excellent Zero Carbon Building candidates.
  2. Continuous performance monitoring and improvements are required to maintain LEED EB:O&M and LEED O+M certification, which means these buildings have ready access to the data needed to demonstrate zero carbon performance – and to ensure they continue to operate at this level.
  3. LEED certified projects often have a small carbon footprint, and the Zero Carbon Building Standard can help to eliminate the minimal footprint remaining after LEED certification.
  4. Renewable energy may already be in use on these projects; if not, then adding onsite or offsite renewable energy will provide additional points towards LEED EB:O&M and LEED O+M recertification.
  5. The Zero Carbon certification process will help you define a plan to eliminate fossil fuel use, making it a powerful tool to future-proof your building and to address the carbon challenge.

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