Major Renovation of Arthur Meighen Building
at 25-55 St. Clair Ave. E.
Toronto, Ontario

About the project

The Arthur Meighen Building at 25-55 St. Clair in Toronto, Ontario, is a 10-storey building with an area of 41,085 m2. The major renovation of this 1950s building has been identified by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) as a flagship model that demonstrates the government commitment to reduce its carbon footprint. Renovations of the building include energy and non-energy targets related to building stabilization, meeting federal sustainability requirements as well as compliance to applicable building codes and workplace fit-up policies. A sustainability feasibility study was carried out to consider different design options, focusing on energy-efficiency and on-site renewable generation. The study showed that it is possible to reduce the building’s greenhouse gas emissions by 88%, compared to the current building’s performance, at an additional life-cycle cost of 6% (over 25 years).

See how PSPC is aiming for zero carbon emissions with the Arthur Meighen Building renovation

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