LEED v4.1

Today, LEED v4 is the most rigorous green building rating system in the world. From improving energy performance to emphasizing human health and integrative building design, LEED is encouraging project teams to operate beyond the status quo.

Canadians are stepping up, with over 700 registered projects to date. The early adopters have proven their abilities, and helped drive change in the industry including greater manufacturer transparency and disclosure. They have also taught us where the challenges lie, and where LEED can be improved. This knowledge is the basis for LEED v4.1.

LEED v4.1 is not a full version change, but rather an incremental update to the LEED rating systems. You can now review the drafts for all LEED v4.1 rating systems here. CaGBC will be reviewing and developing Alternative Compliance Paths for Canadian project teams as needed.

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