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LEED for homeowners

Buying a new home is an exciting and sometimes stressful process. Luckily, buying a home that is LEED certified by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) can help you get the best home, with customizable options to create a healthier, more comfortable environment that uses less energy, water and natural resources.

Imagine moving into a brand new house, designed to have better indoor air quality, financial savings on energy and water, and the added benefit of knowing that your home is better for the environment. This is what LEED certification provides.

LEED involves a flexible and comprehensive approach to home design and construction to provide assurance that your home will perform as designed to extensive and rigorous environmental standards. LEED certified homes are third-party verified and backed up by years of proven results – the CaGBC has certified over 3000 homes across every part of Canada. LEED certified Homes can also qualify for local utility rebates and homeowner insurance reductions through provincial insurance groups and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

Why do homeowners choose LEED?


LEED homes are healthy homes, reducing allergens, and triggers for asthma and chemical sensitivity.


LEED homes are thoughtfully designed to provide consistently comfortable indoor living areas.

Cost savings

Due to environmental efficiency measures built into LEED homes, you will achieve monthly savings on water and energy.

Increased resale value

Market data shows that green and efficient buildings sell for more money and in less time.


How do you find a home builder that provides move-in ready LEED homes?

The best way to find home builders that provide LEED homes is to contact a LEED Canada for Homes Provider. Located in most of the leading housing markets, Providers support builders in the construction of high-performance, sustainable LEED homes. They also administer a team of Green Raters, who together with the Providers verify that homes in the program are built to meet the requirements of the LEED Canada for Homes rating system.

For a full list of Providers in your area, click here.


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Please email the CaGBC Homes Team at any time and we will do our best to help you achieve the benefits of LEED for Homes.

LEED for home builders

The majority of new home buyers want homes that are greener and more energy efficient – and they trust you to deliver it to them.

Deciding to build with LEED Canada for Homes ensures that you are providing your clients with the highest quality of sustainable home, and benefits you through the wealth of information and guidance that comes from working with Canada’s national green building organization. Building with LEED Canada for Homes means that you are supported by the CaGBC and a national network of Providers and their staff that can assist you to deliver on the project’s sustainability goals.

Broaden interest in the homes you build and increase sales appeal by meeting the demand for more energy and resource efficient homes that save owners money and create healthy places to live and love.

Why do home builders choose LEED?

Nationally recognized

LEED is an experienced and trusted, nationally recognized green brand. You will receive the rights to use the LEED Canada for Homes logo for promotions and signage early in the project’s development.


LEED Canada for Homes has four certification levels (Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum), allowing you flexibility to achieve your projects specific goals and build up your green building knowledge and capacity over time.


LEED Canada for Homes relies on people, not paperwork. The program has just three forms to be completed: a checklist; an accountability form; and a durability form.

Third Party Verification

Local support for quality assurance, including two onsite inspections aimed at helping you deliver your project with the results you expect.


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LEED in the mainstream

Across the country, LEED Canada for Homes has attracted large and small builders of custom homes, production homes, and multifamily buildings. They build LEED because they know it works – for their clients, for their corporate and environmental goals, and for their bottom line.

To get an idea of the types of companies that build LEED homes and their work, check out this list of some of the current LEED builders in Canada:

Larger Builders



Avalon Master Builder

British Columbia


Custom Builders


Cadorin Homes

InHaus Development
British Columbia


Affordable Housing Builders


Habitat for Humanity