LEED® Commercial Buildings


LEED for owners and property managers

LEED buildings help building owners and operators thrive, by giving them the tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact on the performance of their buildings.

An investment in LEED provides a lifetime of returns. That’s because LEED buildings cost less to operate, reduce energy and water bills by as much as 40 per cent, and increase employee productivity and overall satisfaction.

Businesses and organizations around the world use LEED to increase the efficiency of their buildings and save money, freeing up valuable resources that can be used to create new jobs, attract and retain top talent, expand operations and invest in emerging technologies.

By incorporating LEED into your building plans, you will:

  • Get the tools you need to have an immediate and measurable impact on your buildings’ performance.
  • Gain the advantage of third party verification. This stamp of approval can set you apart from the rest.
  • Earn a competitive advantage - green buildings have great appeal to a growing number of corporate, public and individual buyers.
  • Attract savvy tenants looking to benefit from all that green buildings offer.
  • Reap financial benefits from your investment in green building design.

Why do owners and property managers choose LEED?


Third-party certification provides accountability and transparency, verifying that your project is designed, built and operating the way it was intended. It is also your first step toward managing your building through its entire lifecycle.


Once you establish a benchmark for optimal operations, you are able to measure the ongoing performance of your building, ensuring you continue to save energy, water, money and other critical resources year after year.

Unrivaled visibility

LEED certification is recognized across the globe as the premier mark of achievement in green building. Receive a listing in the online LEED Project Profiles database, searched by thousands of people every week, and support for successfully marketing your project.


Want to know more? Learn about the Certification Process and the different Rating Systems.


LEED for tenants and employees

LEED buildings foster productivity and health – helping employees reach their full potential Imagine working in a space that was specifically designed to provide fresh air and more access to natural daylight, all while helping to sustain the environment. That’s what it’s like to work in a LEED building.

Why do tenants choose LEED?


Create a healthier, cleaner environment which in turn means more satisfied occupants and employees.

Enhance your profile

Enhance your profile as a company that cares about the environment and our future.

Cost savings

Lower your operating costs.

Energy and water savings

Experience immediate and measurable results by saving energy, water and other resources ultimately reducing your carbon footprint.


How can you encourage your building or office to choose LEED?

Talk to your facilities manager

Ask them about what green initiatives have been implemented, or encourage them to consider greening some of their practices.

Form a building ‘green team’

Collaborate with tenants and facility management to encourage greener practices.

Look into education strategies

As a tenant or employee, help your fellow staff understand their critical role in the performance of the building.

Ask about pursuing certification of the building's performance

Certification provides a great framework for identifying and implementing measures to improve your building’s performance. LEED ensures transparency and accountability for owners and tenants alike through rigorous, independent review.


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