LEED Canada for Homes provides excellent value, delivering third-party verification and assurance of the sustainability features of your project for a very reasonable cost.

Registration for a single family home is just $260, while certification is only $305 – and you can save 20 per cent off of these prices if you, your architect, builder or other project lead is a corporate member of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). For larger projects, volume discounts are also available, reducing certification to as little as $75 per home.

Registration is typically done once the project's Provider has been identified, whereas the certification fee is only due once construction is complete and the project is ready for evaluation by the CaGBC.

Full CaGBC pricing for all project types is listed below. Please note: these prices do not include any costs related to contracting an independent Provider to provide on-site inspections or other services.

Single family homes, duplexes and triplexes (number of units)


Members Non-members
< 10 units $215 $260
10-24 units $190 $235
25-49 units $160 $205
50-99 units $130 $175
> 100 units $100 $145


Members Non-members
Regular submittal $255 per unit $305 per unit
Batch submittal* $255 per batch + $75 per unit $305 per batch + $115 per unit

a batch submittal is 2 or more homes submitted for certification at the same time, using the same project checklist and targetting the same credits. Consult your Provider for further details.

Multi-family buildings (4 or more units)

Registration Certification
Member $700 $ 900 up to 10,000 sf
$ 0.045/additional sf
Non-members $900 $ 1200 up to 10,000 sf
$ 0.055/additional sf

Projects that register a number of multifamily buildings can save 15% per building on certification if buildings are submitted together and are identical from a LEED point perspective.